Foreword from Mr Jonathan Knott, British Ambassador to Poland

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HMA.photoPoland is a major European player and strategic ally for the UK. Our partnership is vibrant, deep rooted and diverse. The first UK-Poland Intergovernmental Consultations in London this year confirmed the importance we both attach to our relationship and to our shared determination and ambition to build even stronger ties, including in trade & investment.

Our bilateral trade exchange is dynamic. The UK is currently Poland’s 3rd largest export destination and is one of the top 10 exporters to Poland.

Poland has enjoyed uninterrupted economic growth since 1992 and the country has been developing faster than any other European economy. The economic fundamentals remain strong and positive GDP growth is forecast in the coming years.

There are massive business opportunities for UK companies in Poland, as the country continues forward with transformation into a hi-tech, higher-added value, and export driven economy. This is supported by EUR 82.5 billion of EU cohesion funds from which Poland benefits. The UK, as a leader in innovation is well placed to take advantage of this opportunity and many UK companies with world class expertise and experience across the board are already supporting Poland in achieving its goals.

Our countries are committed to collaboration and to forging partnerships for innovation. Strong UK-Polish partnerships already exist in strategic areas such as defence, cyber security, energy, life sciences and advanced manufacturing and contribute to our countries’ economic success, but we can and should do more.

Whether for small, medium sized or large UK companies, Poland is an exciting and underexploited market. I look forward to welcoming you and your company here in Warsaw and to helping you find the market or partner you need.

Mr Jonathan Knott
British Ambassador to Poland


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