About DMB Law / Who are we?

DMB Law is a UK law firm serving the needs of businesses, governments, non-profit organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGO's) and individual clients internationally.

We are proud to be working with some of the world's most innovative and technologically advanced companies, where the boards have taken advantage of our legal advice and corporate governance services.

DMB Law provide a unique service, covering multiple legal disciplines, including: strategic alliances; dispute resolution; multi-jurisdictional HR legal strategy (incorporating
employment law); Intellectual Property; Real Estate; Corporate Governance and Legal Risk assessment and management using a network of specialist advisers.

Why choose DMB Law?

Whether the issues that concern you require advice on English, Polish or EU matters, we can help you.

We are equipped to deliver services equally well in the UK and Poland where a number of  our associates are bi-lingual.

David is the head of the team advising our clients on business structures and operating systems in Poland; he is also a director on the board of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce and visits Poland regularly in this capacity.

We work closely with two law firms in Poland. The association with these firms allows us to gain immediate access to advice and assistance on local issues particularly those in a legal context where Polish law and compliance have an impact.

We have a network of advisers who we can call on to assist with technical issues. Many of these advisers are experts in their own fields.


Our main practice areas

Areas of practice with which we can assist include:

Corporate and Commercial
Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions
Corporate Finance
Corporate Governance
Regulatory and Compliance
Real Estate
Dispute Resolution

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