With personal entrepreneurial spirit and a fine-tuned process, we create unique customer value

We are one of the Nordic region’s largest privately owned logistics companies. With the will and the power to offer our customers the market’s best transport solutions, we are always reaching new heights and expanding rapidly.

Our home markets are the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea.

We operate globally, with particular focus on Eastern Europe, Central Asia and China. We use all modes of transport. Our independent position enables us to select the best options for our customers in all situations. Quality assured systems is the robust platform on which we create customized transport solutions with high precision. To this, we add the great and decisive factor: the employee.

Our employees are the most dedicated professionals in the business. We are always on the lookout for the best, and handpick professionals who exhibit a pronounced attentive­ness to our customers’ needs and wishes. Our meticulously tried and tested balance between the person and the process makes us an unbeatable player on a tough market.

With one of the market’s strongest offerings and dedicated employees with logistics in their DNA, we dare to make the toughest customer promise in the industry:

Yes, it’s possible!

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